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This is the first question that comes to mind while looking at the numerous options available. The best place that incorporates your offshore company actually depends upon a number of factors which can vary from case to case. Opening a Dubai offshore business is an ideal, tax-efficient, and tax-effective corporate structure for entrepreneurs who wish to conduct. international trade.

Consequently, an offshore business is simply a wholly-owned LLC that is legally tax- exempt and has no annual accounting and tax obligations.

Advantages of Dubai offshore entity

  • An offshore company is quick and simple to set up in Dubai, particularly when compared to other business types in the UAE
  • If properly structured, an offshore business setup in Dubai is legally exempt from corporate tax, making it an ideal international trading vehicle.
  • The shareholders and directors in the off-shore company will not be required to register their names and details for public record.

Disadvantages of Dubai offshore entity

  • A Dubai offshore entity is not allowed to trade in Dubai and UAE

  • The offshore entity can neither rent a local office in Dubai, employ staff, nor secure residence or work visa for staff

  • The offshore business cannot use UAE’s double taxation treaties to reduce global withholding tax
  • A Dubai offshore business cannot invest in UAE real estate

Other options for Dubai

  • Dubai LLC

  • Dubai free zone company

There are three different options when registering an offshore company in the UAE: Jebel Ali (Dubai), Ajman, and Ras Al Khaimah (RAK)
Both Ajman and RAK offshore companies can be used to conduct international trading outside of the UAE, holding companies, and estate and asset protection vehicles. Both are low-cost options for setup up to international business companies when compared to the costs to register a Jebel Ali offshore company.

While the incorporation process, timeframe, and requirements to register an Ajman offshore company are much easier, generally, our preferred option is the RAK company as the free trade zone is much more established and well-known to international entrepreneurs.


Dubai is the core business hub that serves the entire Middle East region. It retains its position in the vast region by encouraging foreign investors to take advantage of the different business startup formations like the offshore companies.
Offshore companies are also known as non-resident companies or international business companies because they are owned and controlled by foreign investors most of whom venture into international markets.

As such, UAE offshore company formation in Dubai is ideal for Indian investors looking to have international business control.